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Radar Images

Select what kind of image would you like to see: satellite or radar.

Please, keep in mind that when a specific image is accompanied by its time, if this time is not reached by now, then the image hasn't been updated today and it is from yesterday.

Radar images not only allow us to know where rainfall exist, but in addition its intensity. Basically it consists of emitting radio frequency pulses and to measure what portion of this energy travels back to the emitting point. This is known as reflectivity, and happens when the pulse finds nuclei scatterers (drops of water) in its way. The higher or lower reflectivity depends on factors such as: diameter of the water droplets or quantity aqueous, distance between the transmitter/receiver and the nuclei scatterers, and so on.

To see radar images by regions, click here (external link).

10:00h Radar Image. Courtesy of Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET)

10:00 hours. Source:

10:00 hours Radar image (according to Peninsular time).

19:00h Radar Image. Courtesy of Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET)

19:00 hours Radar. Source:

19:00 hours radar image (according to Peninsular time).

To see a more detailed information about a specific image, please refer to the source website indicated in each case.

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